Why A Fence Is The Perfect Solution For Pet Safety

Hundreds and thousandths of pets become injured on the roads every year in America. Sadly, a large majority of these innocent pets end up dying from their severe injuries. Most of the pets who are struck on the highway roads don’t have a good chance of surviving and are almost destined to die once they cross that busy road without their owner. Referring to the Pets Tech, reports show that there were more than 6 million innocent cats and dogs who lost their lives to being struck by a fast moving car. Statistics also show that in America alone, there are an average of 1.2 million dogs who are struck by fast-moving vehicles on the roads annually. Statistics also show that there are more than 5.4 million cats who are struck by fast moving vehicles every year. A majority of these animals who are struck on the roads are also animals who never make it back to their owners. It is time that pet owners begin taking more responsibility in their pets protection by guarding them with more protection. Installing a professional wood fence around the entire area that they roam in can allow them to stay protected, yet still have their freedom to freely roam.

Based on the Insurance Information Institute, research has discovered that there is approximately more than 85 million households that have an animal of some kind as their household pet. There were also more than about 60 million households who had a dog as their household pet. Many families who have dogs turn to their dogs as their best friend and even their main companion. Many people love and cherish the relationship with their pets. However, it is shocking to see that many of these pet owners fail to protect their dogs. Many have a misconception of what it is to love and care for a pet. Surely, you want to grant your pet the freedom it desires, but at the same time you want to keep them protected.

If you currently own a dog as your pet, then you may want to consider making changes to your home so that your pet can stay safe on your property. It can be very easy for pets to become distracted and end up entering enemy lines. This is why it is the owners job to be proactive in taking preventative measures, so that their pet does not have to face the dangers of the highway roads from roaming outside of their comfort zone. Take time to consider conducting an online search for your nearest fence contractor to help you install your quality wood fences sammamish wa.

The safety of your pet depends on the steps you take to protect them. If you love and care about your companion, you would make sure that they are protected as much as possible. A wood fence around your property would give them the ultimate protection from entering harm’s way.