Farmhouse House Designs Are Trending

Are you currently dipping your feet into the housing market looking to find that “perfect” home? Location and price certainly play a huge factor in what determines whether the home is right for you. Besides those key factors, the style and design of the house all play into the decision-making process.

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Home design is similar to fashion in that designs and floor plans tend to come and go when it comes to popularity. At one point, it can be ranch homes that are in demand, then Colonial, and so forth. If you’re looking for one of the most buzzed about current designs that can definitely be considered trending, then a farmhouse home is the way to go.

So, what exactly is the farmhouse style of design? What are the typical features it will have? Let’s take a look.

What is a Farmhouse Style House Plan?

Typically, when people hear the words “farmhouse style”, they think of a home that is comfortable, unassuming, and not overly modern in its design and decor. This is actually a very accurate way of looking at this design. This style of home is known for its clean lines, large covered porches that are perfect for enjoying the outdoors on, and steep roofs.

This style of home tends to offer a fair amount of space, which makes it a great option for growing families. You can really spread out throughout the home and enjoy that sense of spaciousness. You’ll find everything from the standard three bedrooms right up to five+ bedrooms, depending on the layout.

Another common feature of farmhouse homes is that they tend to have long roofs that are often wood shingles. The exterior of the home can be brick or vinyl siding/panels.

Various Farmhouse Styles

Stating that you want a farmhouse design will narrow down your options, but within that category are sub-categories. There are American farmhouses that are known to be rectangular in shape and quite simple in design, Norwegian-style farmhouses that are constructed of logs or timber, and French Bresse farmhouses that have that typical long length to them.

When deciding which is best for you, it can be helpful to look at all the various designs and how the floorplan is laid out.

Build From Scratch to Get Exactly What You Want

Now that you know what constitutes the popular farmhouse-style floorplan, finding something that matches up with the style can be a bit tricky. Since these styles are very much in demand, you may not find as many available options on the market. This is when going with a new build can make sense. You’ll be able to get exactly what you want and even customize it.

Take a look at for some incredible and trendy design options.

Trendy and Comfortable

So, while you may be basing your purchase decision based on what is trending right now, it’s important to note that the farmhouse style of home is one that is comfortable, spacious, and fits in well in any neighbourhood.