Creating a Grand Effect with Water and Stone

It’s not always easy to add atmosphere to a setting. This is true for both building interiors and the various areas bordering them. People should always try to use decoration and interior design to set a tone. But it’s a fine balance between suggesting emotion and gratingly insisting on it.

This can often be seen in hospitals, doctors and dentist offices. These buildings tend to work so hard to set a tone that they become off putting. The ideal situation is for one to be able to settle into a room or outdoor landscape. The setting should gently ease someone into a particular feeling rather than essentially shouting at them to relax.

There are several ways to do so. But one of the best methods comes from emulating nature. Nature often provides a peaceful refuge from the more stressful aspects of life. There’s a good reason why so many people insist on taking annual camping or hiking trips. And it’s often surprisingly easy to replicate some of those feelings within an urban setting.

For example, consider how the spa experience can be had both indoors or in a natural environment. In fact, indoor spas have managed to eclipse the more traditional mineral spas. And we can learn a lot about how we relate to our environment by considering how that happens.

Spas used to consist of some form of relaxing or medicinal water in an outdoor environment. But in general, it works with stone and water. Likewise, people often find immense serenity when contemplating sound and beauty of a waterfall. Both of these examples involve the fluidity of water and the comforting firmness of stone.

This can be replicated in modern times through the use of fountains. Of course, one also needs to take into account the wide variety of fountains one can see out in the world. It’s often a good idea to consider the setting where one is located.

For example, consider someone in Hanover Pennsylvania. The area has some notable rivers and waterfalls. And this in turn will shape how they feel when encountering fountains. The area also tends to have shallow rivers where the stone is quite visible. You can go online to find any fountain contractor hanover pa in your area. In probability they might suggest a concrete base.

The stone would be a good offset for the fluidity of the water. And in turn, it would harken back to some of the natural streams and waterfalls that locals are familiar with. Of course, there’s also the question of whether to place it indoors or outdoors. This is largely answered by the nature of the location. Again, it comes down to soothing people’s emotions rather than insisting on a particular state.

Smaller enclosed areas can put too much insistence on the fountain. So, it’s often best to consider the overall size of the fountain in comparison to where it’ll be placed. But when done well it can prove a solidly effective way of calming people’s nerves and promoting relaxation.